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This is a support group unlike any other. We talk about the taboo subject of death.

There aren’t many things that aren’t deemed to be acceptable to talk about these days, but death is definitely one of them.


How do you empty a room full of people? Get someone to say a loved one has just died and for the most part, watch the awkwardness and grief as people clam up and walk away.


Unfortunately for many people that is the awful reality. People just cannot talk about death and its impact on life.


I lost my dad about 25 years ago; I was an only child and there was nobody apart from my mum to talk to about it.


Neither of us coped very well, and looking back I can see that we both handled it in very different ways. She was beside herself and I carried on as though nothing had happened.


Neither reaction was right, but what else could we do?


have had the privilege to work with and talk to many people since who have suffered loss in their life and have come to view death through different eyes. It needs to be talked about. We need to understand it a little more. 


We need to understand ourselves a little more too.

With understanding comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes comfort.

We shouldn’t fear death.


We should instead be able to acknowledge it as part of life. It is the one sure thing that will happen to us all eventually.


The Meaning of Death is a special, relaxed meeting for people who want to understand why they feel the way they do.


Why am I still grieving? Why can’t I cope with the loss? Why did my parents get taken away so soon? How did my child die before me?


I don’t have all of the answers but maybe someone in the group can offer you some help by telling their story, and maybe you can help someone by telling yours?


This is not counselling, it’s simply sharing and giving time to those who don’t have anyone to share your feelings with.


Or maybe you feel you’ve worn out the ears of those around you, and they just don’t get why you still can’t cope.


Or maybe you haven’t yet suffered a loss but want to prepare for when that time comes by talking to others about your fears.


Let’s bring death out of the closet and into the light. 

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