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House Blessings

It is said that objects can absorb the energy of their owners. According to ancient traditions it is possible to contact our ancestors and other celestial beings simply through holding or being in the presence of certain symbolic items.

Now is the time to create a house blessing ceremony that will allow you to claim your space and to make your peace or dispel any negative energy that may be lingering in your house.


The ideal time for a house blessing is when you move in. It’s like making your stamp on the property, so you feel at last that it is really yours.


Along with a house move there is sometimes a change of job, a change of name, a marriage or birth, or in some cases, a death or divorce.


Whatever the reason for the move, it always signifies a life changing moment, possibly leaving you a little vulnerable and excited, but unsure of the future.


With a new space you have a blank canvas to design a positive warm and flourishing environment. Work with me and I will help to create a vision of your future and call upon the energies of the universe to support and guide you in your new living space. 

It makes sense then that the space that we live in can absorb our energy too. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and it can feel quite cold and lonely or maybe very warm and welcoming...


Things disappearing or moving even though you know it's not you, could be the result of residual energy left over from the previous occupants.


One traditional way of claiming your space is to have a house warming party. The new and happy energies that people bring with them are often enough to herald a new chapter in the life of the house.


But what do you do if that isn’t enough? Maybe you don’t want a big party but you still want to claim the space as your own. Maybe you had the party but the house still doesn’t feel quite right.

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