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Melanie has spent over 20 years working and connecting with people from all walks of life. Her spiritual path has given her a broad outlook on life.  She understands that it is important to have a sense of connection to each other.


The art of ceremony in each of our lives is to connect with the source of our being.  To connect with family and friends both in a physical and spiritual sense.


Sometimes we forget the deeper meanings behind the rituals we perform and they become just words on a page. Brings those words to life and create an occasion that is both memorable and meaningful on many different levels.

Who is Melanie?

Wedding and funeral blessings pet funerals and baby naming

All forms of ritual and ceremony mark the transition from one phase of life to another. Recognise this transition and fully partake in shedding the old self and moving forward into new and fresh experiences.


At times, particularly with the passing of someone close, this new phase may not seem so good, but there is always something to learn from each experience.


If you allow yourself the opportunity to take the knowledge and work through the experience, you allow your whole self, and all who you connect with, to live a more richly fulfilled life.

As well as a qualified Celebrant for civil weddings, funerals and other occasions, Melanie is also a teacher of yoga and meditation, a hypnotherapist and spiritual counsellor. She is also presenter of the show Body Talk each Sunday evening at 7pm on Phoenix98fm.