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Letter of Appreciation

How wonderful to receive this letter:

We all want to convey our gratitude in the way that so you so ably conducted the order of service for our Mother. You were able to ensure it was dignified, warm, illuminating and captured the essence of the qualities that our Mum exuded.

From the time that we first met you to convey and share information and thoughts, right through to the day of the service you stayed engaged. In doing so you enabled us to continually share and refine what was proposed in your tribute and the service. We very much appreciate that. That hard work, led by you, culminated in the way the order of service was conducted.

You would also want to note that many people that we, as a family, collectively and individually spoke to after the service, commented as to what a wonderful and appropriate service it was. You would have sensed that - given the atmosphere and responses during the actual service. Much of that is directly attributable to you

Again on behalf of my siblings, but also many other members of our family, we thank you from our hearts Melanie for being such a professional and caring celebrant

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